Thursday, June 18, 2015


The IRS scam that began a few years ago is still in full force.  I recently had a client call me in a panic, because she was on the other line with a gentleman, who identified himself as Jeremy Walker.  Mr. Walker gave an employee ID number and claimed to be calling from the IRS.  Mr. Walker had an accent, identifiable as not being from this country.

My client was told, quite forcefully that she owed taxes from 2008-2012.  He told her that she had been sent two certified letters that she had not claimed.  She was told if she hung up that it was further evidence that she was guilty of fraud.

1.  The IRS will never call you demanding money.
2.  You will receive a deluge of regular mail letters demanding money, prior to receiving certified letters.
3.  If you have a regular preparer for your taxes, immediately contact that person if you receive one of these telephone calls.
4.  You can visit the website for additional information regarding this scam.
5.  Even if you wanted to make a payment to the IRS for your tax bill, you cannot complete this over the telephone, THEY WILL NOT TAKE YOUR PAYMENT.

I had at least three clients call me last year and now four clients call me this year, regarding the IRS calling them to collect money on fictitious taxes owed.  Please do not pay anyone any money over the telephone for the collection of any debt that you do not recognize or agree with. Also, share this information with the older loved ones in your life.  They tend to be the biggest targets.

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